Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: The Oklahomeruns2013-07-2422
L: Rhode Island Reds19
W: IoWINS2013-07-229
L: The Beltway Bandits3
W: Thirstysomething2013-07-1822
L: Thrashers3
W: IoWINS2013-07-1631
L: The Oklahomeruns9
W: Thirstysomething2013-07-118
W: Rhode Island Reds2013-07-1017
L: The Beltway Bandits9
W: Thrashers2013-07-099
L: Budget Ballers0
W: Thirstysomething2013-06-2721
L: Book'em Danno8
W: Thrashers2013-06-2516
W: The Beltway Bandits2013-06-2423
L: Book'em Danno8
W: Rhode Island Reds2013-06-2420
L: Budget Ballers15
W: The Oklahomeruns2013-06-2018
L: Budget Ballers6
W: Thirstysomething2013-06-2019
L: The Beltway Bandits4
W: IoWINS2013-06-1932
L: Book'em Danno3
W: Thrashers2013-06-1926
L: Rhode Island Reds3
W: Rhode Island Reds2013-06-1525
L: Book'em Danno9
W: The Oklahomeruns2013-06-119
L: Thrashers0
W: The Beltway Bandits2013-06-101
L: Budget Ballers0
W: Thirstysomething2013-06-069
L: Budget Ballers0
W: IoWINS2013-06-0342
L: Budget Ballers8
W: Thirstysomething2013-05-3016
L: The Oklahomeruns9
W: The Oklahomeruns2013-05-2331
L: Book'em Danno16
W: IoWINS2013-05-2210
L: Rhode Island Reds9
W: Thirstysomething2013-05-1618
L: Rhode Island Reds3
W: The Beltway Bandits2013-05-169
L: The Oklahomeruns0
W: Thrashers2013-05-1619
L: Book'em Danno8
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Thirstysomething7 - 0 - 01
IoWINS5 - 2 - 02
Thrashers4 - 2 - 03
The Oklahomeruns4 - 3 - 04
The Beltway Bandits3 - 3 - 05
Rhode Island Reds3 - 4 - 06
Book'em Danno0 - 6 - 07
Budget Ballers0 - 6 - 07
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