Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Cheetahs2013-07-229
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers8
W: The Pacurs2013-07-1634
L: Cheetahs23
W: RBI's of TX2013-07-1214
L: Virginia is for Sluggers13
W: Swing Votes2013-07-0813
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers5
W: RBI's of TX2013-06-2813
L: The Pacurs9
W: Swing Votes2013-06-2516
L: Cheetahs14
W: Suns Out, Guns Out2013-06-2513
L: Virginia is for Sluggers12
W: RBI's of TX2013-06-2131
L: Swing Votes2
W: Press Hits!2013-06-219
L: Suns Out, Guns Out6
W: The Pacurs2013-06-1922
L: Press Hits!7
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2013-06-1820
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers13
W: Press Hits!2013-06-1514
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers5
W: RBI's of TX2013-06-1426
L: Suns Out, Guns Out4
W: Press Hits!2013-06-1211
L: Swing Votes10
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2013-06-1113
L: The Pacurs12
W: RBI's of TX2013-06-079
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers0
W: Suns Out, Guns Out2013-06-0515
L: Cheetahs0
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2013-06-0419
L: Swing Votes16
W: RBI's of TX2013-05-3128
L: Press Hits!10
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2013-05-3017
L: Cheetahs5
W: The Pacurs2013-05-2811
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers2
W: Suns Out, Guns Out2013-05-288
L: Swing Votes2
W: Press Hits!2013-05-2219
L: Cheetahs3
W: The Pacurs2013-05-2116
L: Swing Votes9
W: Green Hot Chile Peppers2013-05-2012
L: Suns Out, Guns Out11
W: RBI's of TX2013-05-1717
L: Cheetahs4
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2013-05-168
L: Press Hits!6
W: The Pacurs2013-05-1515
L: Suns Out, Guns Out9
Team Team Name Record Ranking
RBI's of TX7 - 0 - 01
The Pacurs5 - 2 - 02
Virginia is for Sluggers5 - 2 - 02
Press Hits!4 - 3 - 04
Suns Out, Guns Out3 - 4 - 05
Swing Votes2 - 5 - 06
Cheetahs1 - 6 - 07
Green Hot Chile Peppers1 - 6 - 07
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