Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: N-TAC 2014-07-255
L: Portland Thinkers2
W: Too Big to Foul2014-07-2432
L: The Others9
W: Thirstysomething2014-07-178
L: N-TAC 7
W: Stroke Signals2014-07-1716
L: Portland Thinkers10
W: The Others2014-07-169
L: Portland Thinkers0
W: Mad Dogs2014-07-1623
L: Rhode Island Reds12
W: Thirstysomething2014-07-1016
L: Stroke Signals11
W: Too Big to Foul2014-07-109
L: Portland Thinkers0
W: Mad Dogs2014-07-090
L: The Others0
W: Thirstysomething2014-07-0222
L: Portland Thinkers6
W: Rhode Island Reds2014-07-0220
L: The Others11
W: The Others2014-06-3016
L: Stroke Signals12
W: N-TAC 2014-06-2711
L: Stroke Signals10
W: Rhode Island Reds2014-06-2618
L: Portland Thinkers17
W: Thirstysomething2014-06-2511
L: Mad Dogs5
W: Stroke Signals2014-06-1917
L: Rhode Island Reds6
W: Thirstysomething2014-06-1910
L: Too Big to Foul5
W: Mad Dogs2014-06-189
L: N-TAC 0
W: N-TAC 2014-06-1312
L: The Others0
W: Mad Dogs2014-06-119
L: Stroke Signals0
W: N-TAC 2014-06-0613
L: Too Big to Foul7
W: Too Big to Foul2014-06-0515
L: Stroke Signals8
W: Thirstysomething2014-06-0516
L: Rhode Island Reds8
W: Mad Dogs2014-06-0410
L: Portland Thinkers7
W: Thirstysomething2014-05-2924
L: The Others6
W: Mad Dogs2014-05-2822
L: Too Big to Foul5
W: Too Big to Foul2014-05-2713
L: Rhode Island Reds8
W: N-TAC 2014-05-2318
L: Rhode Island Reds8
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Thirstysomething7 - 0 - 01
Mad Dogs6 - 1 - 02
N-TAC 5 - 2 - 03
Too Big to Foul4 - 3 - 04
Rhode Island Reds2 - 5 - 05
Stroke Signals2 - 5 - 05
The Others2 - 5 - 05
Portland Thinkers0 - 7 - 08
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