Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Magic Bat #92014-07-2210
L: Suns Out Guns Out8
W: Regulators2014-07-2114
L: RBI's of Texas12
W: Maine LobStars2014-07-2115
L: Canadian Club3
W: RBI's of Texas2014-07-189
L: Magic Bat #90
W: Regulators2014-07-1117
L: Suns Out Guns Out4
W: RBI's of Texas2014-07-1114
L: Hit it Toomey10
W: Canadian Club2014-07-0722
L: Magic Bat #917
W: Maine LobStars2014-07-0718
L: Manifest Destiny11
W: Suns Out Guns Out2014-06-3015
L: Manifest Destiny2
W: Regulators2014-06-279
L: Manifest Destiny0
W: RBI's of Texas2014-06-2718
L: Canadian Club9
W: Magic Bat #92014-06-2614
L: Hit it Toomey10
W: Regulators2014-06-2421
L: Canadian Club0
W: Regulators2014-06-209
L: Hit it Toomey5
W: Maine LobStars2014-06-1715
L: Suns Out Guns Out6
W: Magic Bat #92014-06-1717
L: Manifest Destiny11
W: Regulators2014-06-1017
L: Maine LobStars9
W: Hit it Toomey2014-06-057
L: Maine LobStars6
W: Canadian Club2014-06-0219
L: Suns Out Guns Out17
W: RBI's of Texas2014-05-308
L: Suns Out Guns Out7
W: Hit it Toomey2014-05-2918
L: Canadian Club16
W: Hit it Toomey2014-05-2217
L: Manifest Destiny3
W: Magic Bat #92014-05-2018
L: Maine LobStars6
W: RBI's of Texas2014-05-1624
L: Manifest Destiny4
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Regulators6 - 0 - 01
RBI's of Texas5 - 1 - 02
Magic Bat #94 - 2 - 03
Hit it Toomey3 - 3 - 04
Maine LobStars3 - 3 - 04
Canadian Club2 - 4 - 06
Suns Out Guns Out1 - 5 - 07
Manifest Destiny0 - 6 - 08
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