Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Rushmore Renegades2015-07-2011
L: Commission Liberation Army10
W: Bama Bangers2015-07-1619
L: Durbin's Dream Team17
W: Hashtag Booker2015-07-1615
L: Rushmore Renegades1
W: RBI's of Texas2015-07-109
L: Hashtag Booker0
W: Durbin's Dream Team2015-07-091
L: Rushmore Renegades0
W: Hashtag Booker2015-07-079
L: Commission Liberation Army8
W: Bama Bangers2015-07-0719
L: The Full Nelson8
W: RBI's of Texas2015-06-309
L: Commission Liberation Army0
W: RBI's of Texas2015-06-2611
L: The Full Nelson1
W: Durbin's Dream Team2015-06-258
L: Hashtag Booker5
W: Bama Bangers2015-06-1526
L: Rushmore Renegades12
W: RBI's of Texas2015-06-1215
L: Bama Bangers7
W: Rushmore Renegades2015-06-1126
L: The Full Nelson18
W: Bama Bangers2015-06-1121
L: Hashtag Booker6
W: RBI's of Texas2015-06-051
L: Rushmore Renegades0
W: The Full Nelson2015-05-278
L: Hashtag Booker6
W: Durbin's Dream Team2015-05-2613
L: The Full Nelson7
W: RBI's of Texas2015-05-2220
L: Durbin's Dream Team19
W: Bama Bangers2015-05-1211
L: Commission Liberation Army2
Team Team Name Record Ranking
RBI's of Texas6 - 0 - 01
Bama Bangers5 - 1 - 02
Durbin's Dream Team3 - 2 - 03
Hashtag Booker2 - 4 - 04
Rushmore Renegades2 - 4 - 04
Commission Liberation Army0 - 4 - 06
The Full Nelson1 - 4 - 07
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