Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Scrantonicity2013-07-259
L: Dammed Salmon0
W: Canadian Club2013-07-2411
L: Reaching for Five Feet7
W: Scrantonicity2013-07-1812
L: The Buzz5
W: Bama Bangers2013-07-189
L: Baucus Tester Overdrive5
W: HomeRun Security2013-07-1716
L: Reaching for Five Feet7
W: Scrantonicity2013-07-128
L: Baucus Tester Overdrive4
W: The Buzz2013-07-1115
L: HomeRun Security10
W: Canadian Club2013-07-100
L: Dammed Salmon0
W: Bama Bangers2013-07-089
L: Reaching for Five Feet0
W: Reaching for Five Feet2013-07-0122
L: The Buzz9
W: Scrantonicity2013-06-2612
L: Reaching for Five Feet8
W: Bama Bangers2013-06-2525
L: HomeRun Security13
W: Canadian Club2013-06-2028
L: The Buzz8
W: Dammed Salmon2013-06-1926
L: Reaching for Five Feet6
W: Bama Bangers2013-06-1818
L: Scrantonicity12
W: HomeRun Security2013-06-1826
L: Baucus Tester Overdrive17
W: Bama Bangers2013-06-1317
L: Canadian Club7
W: Baucus Tester Overdrive2013-06-1211
L: Reaching for Five Feet10
W: The Buzz2013-06-129
L: Dammed Salmon0
W: Canadian Club2013-06-1117
L: HomeRun Security8
W: Baucus Tester Overdrive2013-06-065
L: The Buzz4
W: Bama Bangers2013-06-061
L: Dammed Salmon0
W: Canadian Club2013-06-0619
L: Scrantonicity16
W: HomeRun Security2013-05-289
L: Dammed Salmon0
W: Bama Bangers2013-05-2317
L: The Buzz3
W: Canadian Club2013-05-2314
L: Baucus Tester Overdrive12
W: Scrantonicity2013-05-2318
L: HomeRun Security4
W: Dammed Salmon2013-05-144
L: Baucus Tester Overdrive0
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Bama Bangers7 - 0 - 01
Canadian Club6 - 1 - 02
Scrantonicity5 - 2 - 03
HomeRun Security3 - 4 - 04
Baucus Tester Overdrive2 - 5 - 05
Dammed Salmon2 - 5 - 05
The Buzz2 - 5 - 05
Reaching for Five Feet1 - 6 - 08
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