Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2014-07-2325
L: Never Say Di16
W: Missouri B-2 Bombers2014-07-170
L: Never Say Di0
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2014-07-1733
L: Candidly Plaid3
W: IoWINS2014-07-1622
L: Missouri B-2 Bombers12
W: Born to HomeRun2014-07-1428
L: Team Montana10
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2014-07-1027
L: The Tribe10
W: Candidly Plaid2014-07-1021
L: Never Say Di18
W: Missouri B-2 Bombers2014-07-0915
L: Team Montana2
W: The Tribe2014-07-088
W: Born to HomeRun2014-06-2631
L: Candidly Plaid7
W: Missouri B-2 Bombers2014-06-2611
L: The Tribe8
W: Never Say Di2014-06-2522
L: Team Montana12
W: Born to HomeRun2014-06-1927
L: Never Say Di6
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2014-06-1928
W: Born to HomeRun2014-06-1813
L: Missouri B-2 Bombers9
W: Candidly Plaid2014-06-1819
L: The Tribe11
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2014-06-128
L: Born to HomeRun6
W: Missouri B-2 Bombers2014-06-1114
L: Candidly Plaid0
W: The Tribe2014-06-1121
L: Team Montana1
W: IoWINS2014-06-1017
L: Never Say Di7
W: Born to HomeRun2014-06-0910
L: The Tribe9
W: IoWINS2014-06-0528
L: Candidly Plaid24
W: Virginia is for Sluggers2014-06-0524
L: Team Montana8
W: Never Say Di2014-06-0415
L: The Tribe8
T: Virginia is for Sluggers2014-05-290
T: Missouri B-2 Bombers0
W: IoWINS2014-05-2824
L: Team Montana5
W: Team Montana2014-05-2219
L: Candidly Plaid7
W: IoWINS2014-05-1927
L: Born to HomeRun15
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Virginia is for Sluggers6 - 0 - 11
Born to HomeRun5 - 2 - 02
IoWINS5 - 2 - 02
Missouri B-2 Bombers4 - 2 - 14
Candidly Plaid2 - 5 - 05
Never Say Di2 - 5 - 05
The Tribe2 - 5 - 05
Team Montana1 - 6 - 08
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