Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Missouri B-2 Bombers2015-07-2713
L: Naturals2
W: The Croft Monsters2015-07-2410
L: Missouri B-2 Bombers8
W: Not Your Average Joes2015-07-231
L: Naturals0
W: The Croft Monsters2015-07-220
L: Sand Lizards0
W: The Croft Monsters2015-07-2116
L: Thirstysomething15
W: Missouri B-2 Bombers2015-07-2014
L: Not Your Average Joes5
W: Naturals2015-07-1624
L: Book'em Dannos5
W: Born to HomeRun2015-07-1625
L: Missouri B-2 Bombers7
W: Thirstysomething2015-07-1412
L: Missouri B-2 Bombers9
W: Born to HomeRun2015-07-1312
L: Not Your Average Joes5
W: Born to HomeRun2015-07-0916
L: Sand Lizards7
W: Naturals2015-07-099
L: Born to HomeRun0
W: Not Your Average Joes2015-07-0722
L: Book'em Dannos18
W: Thirstysomething2015-06-3029
L: Naturals13
W: Born to HomeRun2015-06-2527
L: Book'em Dannos5
W: Not Your Average Joes2015-06-2515
L: Sand Lizards1
W: The Croft Monsters2015-06-2326
L: Naturals6
W: Missouri B-2 Bombers2015-06-2214
L: Book'em Dannos4
W: The Croft Monsters2015-06-1913
L: Not Your Average Joes7
W: Born to HomeRun2015-06-1616
L: Thirstysomething15
W: Book'em Dannos2015-06-169
L: Sand Lizards5
W: Naturals2015-06-1116
L: Sand Lizards14
W: The Croft Monsters2015-06-1121
L: Born to HomeRun5
W: Thirstysomething2015-06-0914
L: Not Your Average Joes3
W: The Croft Monsters2015-06-0224
L: Book'em Dannos2
W: Missouri B-2 Bombers2015-06-0122
L: Sand Lizards6
W: Thirstysomething2015-05-270
L: Book'em Dannos0
W: Thirstysomething2015-05-130
L: Sand Lizards0
Team Team Name Record Ranking
The Croft Monsters7 - 0 - 01
Born to HomeRun5 - 2 - 02
Thirstysomething5 - 2 - 02
Missouri B-2 Bombers4 - 3 - 04
Naturals3 - 4 - 05
Not Your Average Joes3 - 4 - 05
Book'em Dannos1 - 6 - 07
Sand Lizards0 - 7 - 08
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