Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Not Your Average Joes2016-07-1116
L: The CLA8
W: RBI's of Texas2016-07-0816
L: Rhode Island Reds8
W: The CLA2016-07-059
L: Hittin for the Mitten3
W: Thirstysomething2016-06-3021
L: Not Your Average Joes9
W: RBI's of Texas2016-06-2815
L: Peach State Patriots9
W: Thirstysomething2016-06-237
L: Peach State Patriots6
W: Not Your Average Joes2016-06-2217
L: Rhode Island Reds7
W: RBI's of Texas2016-06-1722
L: Not Your Average Joes4
W: Peach State Patriots2016-06-1420
L: Sand Lizards19
W: Not Your Average Joes2016-06-1318
L: Peach State Patriots15
W: Thirstysomething2016-06-0913
L: Rhode Island Reds3
W: Peach State Patriots2016-06-0720
L: The CLA5
W: Not Your Average Joes2016-06-067
L: Hittin for the Mitten5
W: Thirstysomething2016-06-0214
L: Sand Lizards11
W: Rhode Island Reds2016-06-0123
L: Hittin for the Mitten1
W: Thirstysomething2016-05-2613
L: The CLA10
W: Sand Lizards2016-05-2418
L: Hittin for the Mitten5
W: Rhode Island Reds2016-05-1817
L: Sand Lizards13
W: Peach State Patriots2016-05-1723
L: Hittin for the Mitten3
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Thirstysomething5 - 0 - 01
Not Your Average Joes4 - 2 - 02
RBI's of Texas3 - 0 - 03
Peach State Patriots3 - 3 - 04
Rhode Island Reds2 - 3 - 05
Sand Lizards1 - 3 - 06
The CLA1 - 3 - 06
Hittin for the Mitten0 - 5 - 08
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