Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: The Maine LobStars2013-07-160
L: DCI Magic0
W: Duelers2013-07-1524
L: TNacious Greats12
W: The Alumni2013-07-109
L: The Bernie Bunch0
W: Jerry Duty2013-07-089
L: DCI Magic0
W: Duelers2013-07-0117
L: The Bernie Bunch0
W: Jerry Duty2013-07-0116
L: Hit it Toomey12
W: Hit it Toomey2013-06-2413
L: The Alumni11
W: Jerry Duty2013-06-2415
L: Duelers10
W: Hit it Toomey2013-06-209
L: DCI Magic0
W: The Alumni2013-06-1913
L: Duelers7
W: The Maine LobStars2013-06-1812
L: TNacious Greats4
W: Jerry Duty2013-06-1724
L: TNacious Greats9
W: Hit it Toomey2013-06-139
L: TNacious Greats6
W: Duelers2013-06-1116
L: The Maine LobStars6
W: Jerry Duty2013-06-1028
L: The Alumni4
W: Duelers2013-06-085
L: Hit it Toomey3
W: 2013-06-050
L: 0
W: Jerry Duty2013-06-0325
L: The Maine LobStars19
W: Hit it Toomey2013-05-3011
L: The Maine LobStars10
W: The Alumni2013-05-229
L: TNacious Greats8
W: Jerry Duty2013-05-2025
L: The Bernie Bunch5
W: The Alumni2013-05-158
L: The Maine LobStars3
W: Hit it Toomey2013-05-1324
L: The Bernie Bunch8
W: Duelers0000-00-000
L: DCI Magic0
W: The Alumni0000-00-000
L: DCI Magic0
W: The Bernie Bunch0000-00-000
L: DCI Magic0
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Jerry Duty7 - 0 - 01
Duelers5 - 2 - 02
Hit it Toomey5 - 2 - 02
The Alumni5 - 2 - 02
The Maine LobStars2 - 4 - 05
TNacious Greats0 - 5 - 06
DCI Magic0 - 6 - 07
The Bernie Bunch1 - 4 - 08
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