Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Reaching for 5 Feet2017-07-1625
L: The Alumni15
W: The Pacurs2014-07-220
L: The Alumni0
W: Small Wonders2014-07-1628
L: Oklahomeruns5
W: Jerry Duty2014-07-1415
L: Reaching for 5 Feet10
W: Jerry Duty2014-07-0930
L: Small Wonders12
W: The Pacurs2014-07-0810
L: Notorious Nutmeggers6
W: Reaching for 5 Feet2014-07-0715
L: Premium Drafts5
W: Jerry Duty2014-06-3025
L: Oklahomeruns8
W: Jerry Duty2014-06-259
L: The Alumni0
W: Premium Drafts2014-06-2516
L: Oklahomeruns3
W: Reaching for 5 Feet2014-06-2516
L: Notorious Nutmeggers6
W: Small Wonders2014-06-2413
L: The Pacurs12
W: Notorious Nutmeggers2014-06-1823
L: Oklahomeruns22
W: The Pacurs2014-06-1827
L: Reaching for 5 Feet21
W: Small Wonders2014-06-1721
L: Premium Drafts13
W: Small Wonders2014-06-1117
L: Reaching for 5 Feet16
W: The Pacurs2014-06-1127
L: Oklahomeruns6
W: Premium Drafts2014-06-1112
L: Notorious Nutmeggers6
T: Notorious Nutmeggers2014-06-048
T: Small Wonders8
W: Reaching for 5 Feet2014-06-0420
L: Oklahomeruns6
W: Jerry Duty2014-06-0221
L: Premium Drafts9
W: The Pacurs2014-05-2710
L: Jerry Duty5
W: Jerry Duty2014-05-2132
L: Notorious Nutmeggers18
W: The Pacurs2014-05-2019
L: Premium Drafts7
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Jerry Duty6 - 1 - 01
The Pacurs6 - 1 - 01
Small Wonders4 - 2 - 13
Reaching for 5 Feet4 - 3 - 04
Notorious Nutmeggers2 - 4 - 15
Premium Drafts2 - 4 - 06
The Alumni0 - 3 - 07
Oklahomeruns0 - 6 - 08
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