Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Coors and Corn2015-07-2334
L: Lucky Spuds10
W: Press Hits2015-07-2116
L: The Pacurs12
W: Press Hits2015-07-1610
L: Jerry Duty3
W: Green Hot Chile Peppers2015-07-140
L: Lucky Spuds0
W: Jerry Duty2015-07-0914
L: Coors and Corn13
W: Press Hits2015-07-0932
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers10
W: The Pacurs2015-07-0727
L: Lucky Spuds12
W: Press Hits2015-07-071
L: Never Say Di0
W: Coors and Corn2015-07-0218
L: Suns Out Guns Out12
W: Jerry Duty2015-06-291
L: Lucky Spuds0
W: Suns Out Guns Out2015-06-241
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers0
W: The Pacurs2015-06-2423
L: Coors and Corn5
W: Coors and Corn2015-06-1827
L: Never Say Di6
W: Press Hits2015-06-1712
L: Lucky Spuds2
W: Jerry Duty2015-06-161
L: Suns Out Guns Out0
W: The Pacurs2015-06-1625
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers5
W: Press Hits2015-06-1123
L: Coors and Corn8
W: Jerry Duty2015-06-1015
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers4
W: The Pacurs2015-06-0918
L: Never Say Di2
W: Lucky Spuds2015-06-0822
L: Suns Out Guns Out5
W: Coors and Corn2015-06-0312
L: Green Hot Chile Peppers9
W: Suns Out Guns Out2015-06-038
L: Press Hits4
W: The Pacurs2015-06-0214
L: Jerry Duty4
W: The Pacurs2015-05-2714
L: Suns Out Guns Out13
W: Green Hot Chile Peppers2015-05-2020
L: Never Say Di1
W: Never Say Di2015-05-141
L: Jerry Duty0
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Press Hits6 - 1 - 01
The Pacurs6 - 1 - 01
Coors and Corn4 - 3 - 03
Jerry Duty4 - 3 - 03
Suns Out Guns Out2 - 4 - 05
Green Hot Chile Peppers2 - 5 - 06
Lucky Spuds1 - 5 - 07
Never Say Di1 - 4 - 08
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