Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Home Run Security2014-07-249
L: Book'em Dannos0
W: Mississippi Mudcats2014-07-2315
L: Badlands Bombers9
W: Badlands Bombers2014-07-1717
L: Book'em Dannos3
W: Duelers2014-07-1729
L: The CLA14
W: Mississippi Mudcats2014-07-1623
L: Senator Durbin's Dream Team8
W: The CLA2014-07-1531
L: Book'em Dannos9
T: Book'em Dannos2014-07-100
T: Indiana Bats0
W: Duelers2014-07-080
L: Home Run Security0
W: Mississippi Mudcats2014-06-2530
L: Book'em Dannos1
W: Senator Durbin's Dream Team2014-06-2419
L: The CLA12
W: Duelers2014-06-247
L: Badlands Bombers6
W: Mississippi Mudcats2014-06-2333
L: Indiana Bats3
W: Duelers2014-06-1917
L: Indiana Bats5
W: Mississippi Mudcats2014-06-1819
L: The CLA9
W: Senator Durbin's Dream Team2014-06-1717
L: Home Run Security4
W: Mississippi Mudcats2014-06-1124
L: Home Run Security4
W: The CLA2014-06-109
L: Indiana Bats2
W: Duelers2014-06-1026
L: Book'em Dannos4
W: Senator Durbin's Dream Team2014-06-0526
L: Book'em Dannos5
W: Badlands Bombers2014-06-0326
L: Indiana Bats6
W: The CLA2014-06-0327
L: Home Run Security16
W: Senator Durbin's Dream Team2014-05-2921
L: Indiana Bats6
W: Badlands Bombers2014-05-2017
L: The CLA2
W: Mississippi Mudcats2014-05-1921
L: Duelers4
W: Duelers2014-05-1323
L: Senator Durbin's Dream Team8
W: Senator Durbin's Dream Team2004-06-1016
L: Badlands Bombers13
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Mississippi Mudcats7 - 0 - 01
Duelers6 - 1 - 02
Senator Durbin's Dream Team5 - 2 - 03
Badlands Bombers3 - 3 - 04
The CLA3 - 4 - 05
Indiana Bats0 - 5 - 16
Book'em Dannos0 - 6 - 17
Home Run Security1 - 4 - 08
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