Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Oklahomeruns2016-07-217
L: Too Big to Foul4
W: Mad Dogs2016-07-207
L: The Tribe3
W: Bama Bangers2016-07-1426
L: The Tribe12
W: Mad Dogs2016-07-131
L: Penn is Mightier0
W: Oklahomeruns2016-07-1321
L: Bama Bangers15
W: Press Hits2016-06-2922
L: Oklahomeruns6
W: The Tribe2016-06-299
L: LobStars8
W: Mad Dogs2016-06-2914
L: Too Big to Foul1
W: Press Hits2016-06-228
L: The Tribe7
W: Oklahomeruns2016-06-2227
L: Penn is Mightier1
W: LobStars2016-06-209
L: Too Big to Foul7
W: Press Hits2016-06-159
L: Mad Dogs5
W: Oklahomeruns2016-06-1310
L: LobStars9
W: Bama Bangers2016-06-0833
L: LobStars19
W: The Tribe2016-06-0810
L: Too Big to Foul1
W: Mad Dogs2016-06-087
L: Oklahomeruns6
W: Bama Bangers2016-06-0119
L: Penn is Mightier3
W: Mad Dogs2016-06-0110
L: LobStars9
W: Press Hits2016-05-2518
L: Bama Bangers3
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Mad Dogs5 - 1 - 01
Press Hits4 - 0 - 02
Oklahomeruns4 - 2 - 03
Bama Bangers3 - 2 - 04
The Tribe2 - 3 - 05
Penn is Mightier0 - 3 - 06
Too Big to Foul0 - 4 - 07
LobStars1 - 4 - 08
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