Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Risch-ky Business2013-07-2211
L: Premium Drafts10
W: Born to Homerun2013-07-180
L: I H S DC0
W: Born to Homerun2013-07-1733
L: Mississippi Mudcats17
W: Born to Homerun2013-07-1537
L: The Wa-Bashers7
W: Risch-ky Business2013-07-150
L: Never Say Di0
W: Never Say Di2013-07-1111
L: Born to Homerun9
W: Premium Drafts2013-07-090
L: The Wa-Bashers0
W: Mississippi Mudcats2013-07-087
L: Risch-ky Business6
W: Mississippi Mudcats2013-06-269
L: Premium Drafts3
W: The Wa-Bashers2013-06-250
L: I H S DC0
W: Risch-ky Business2013-06-248
L: Born to Homerun7
W: Never Say Di2013-06-2422
L: Balls of Granite19
W: Never Say Di2013-06-1810
L: Premium Drafts4
W: Born to Homerun2013-06-1724
L: Balls of Granite6
W: Risch-ky Business2013-06-170
L: I H S DC0
W: Mississippi Mudcats2013-06-1345
L: The Wa-Bashers4
W: Mississippi Mudcats2013-06-0625
L: Balls of Granite7
W: Never Say Di2013-06-0418
L: I H S DC8
W: Risch-ky Business2013-06-0327
L: Balls of Granite2
W: Premium Drafts2013-06-030
L: Born to Homerun0
W: Mississippi Mudcats2013-05-3020
L: I H S DC16
W: Never Say Di2013-05-300
L: The Wa-Bashers0
W: Premium Drafts2013-05-2116
L: Balls of Granite4
W: Risch-ky Business2013-05-2027
L: The Wa-Bashers0
W: Mississippi Mudcats2013-05-1410
L: Never Say Di9
W: Premium Drafts2013-05-146
L: I H S DC5
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Mississippi Mudcats6 - 1 - 01
Risch-ky Business6 - 1 - 01
Never Say Di5 - 2 - 03
Born to Homerun4 - 3 - 04
Premium Drafts4 - 3 - 04
The Wa-Bashers1 - 5 - 06
Balls of Granite0 - 5 - 07
I H S DC0 - 6 - 08
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