Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: Too Big to Foul2015-07-229
L: The Tribe6
W: Great Daines2015-07-2011
L: Peanut Patriots7
W: Elevated Threat2015-07-2026
L: Small Wonders6
W: Hit it Toomey2015-07-1625
L: Magic Bat #96
W: Too Big to Foul2015-07-1630
L: Small Wonders11
W: Peanut Patriots2015-07-1418
L: Hit it Toomey9
W: Great Daines2015-07-1316
L: The Tribe1
W: Too Big to Foul2015-07-0914
L: Elevated Threat11
W: Peanut Patriots2015-07-0916
L: Magic Bat #910
W: The Tribe2015-07-0712
L: Small Wonders11
W: Great Daines2015-07-061
L: Hit it Toomey0
W: Peanut Patriots2015-06-3015
L: Too Big to Foul11
W: Elevated Threat2015-06-2911
L: The Tribe9
W: Too Big to Foul2015-06-2511
L: Hit it Toomey10
W: Small Wonders2015-06-2315
L: Peanut Patriots13
W: Great Daines2015-06-2215
L: Too Big to Foul0
W: Magic Bat #92015-06-188
L: Small Wonders5
W: The Tribe2015-06-1626
L: Hit it Toomey6
W: Great Daines2015-06-1511
L: Elevated Threat9
W: Magic Bat #92015-06-1115
L: Too Big to Foul11
W: The Tribe2015-06-098
L: Peanut Patriots7
W: Great Daines2015-06-0816
L: Magic Bat #93
W: Small Wonders2015-06-0812
L: Hit it Toomey3
W: The Tribe2015-06-048
L: Magic Bat #97
W: Elevated Threat2015-06-0311
L: Hit it Toomey9
W: Magic Bat #92015-05-2812
L: Elevated Threat11
W: Elevated Threat2015-05-1939
L: Peanut Patriots24
W: Great Daines2015-05-1821
L: Small Wonders2
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Great Daines7 - 0 - 01
Elevated Threat4 - 3 - 02
The Tribe4 - 3 - 02
Too Big to Foul4 - 3 - 02
Magic Bat #93 - 4 - 05
Peanut Patriots3 - 4 - 05
Small Wonders2 - 5 - 07
Hit it Toomey1 - 6 - 08
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