Team vs Team Game Date Score
W: The Tribe2013-07-225
L: The Blue Collars4
W: The Tribe2013-07-1814
L: Durbin's Dream Team6
W: Stoney's2013-07-1718
L: The Blue Collars10
W: Stoney's2013-07-1121
L: The Tribe7
W: The Naturals2013-07-1013
L: Durbin's Dream Team8
W: RAND Slam2013-07-1012
L: Angry Hens7
W: Regulators2013-07-1018
L: The Tribe8
W: The Blue Collars2013-07-0810
L: Regulators6
W: Durbin's Dream Team2013-07-0112
L: Swing State Sluggers9
W: The Naturals2013-06-2610
L: RAND Slam9
W: Stoney's2013-06-2625
L: Regulators17
W: The Blue Collars2013-06-2515
L: Angry Hens7
W: Stoney's2013-06-1930
L: Angry Hens3
W: The Tribe2013-06-198
L: RAND Slam7
W: The Blue Collars2013-06-1911
L: The Naturals5
W: Regulators2013-06-1712
L: Swing State Sluggers11
W: Stoney's2013-06-1210
L: RAND Slam6
W: Regulators2013-06-1212
L: Angry Hens10
W: The Naturals2013-06-1222
L: The Tribe6
W: The Tribe2013-06-1027
L: Swing State Sluggers12
W: Stoney's2013-06-069
L: Durbin's Dream Team0
W: Regulators2013-06-0532
L: 3
W: The Tribe2013-06-0420
L: Angry Hens12
W: The Blue Collars2013-06-0313
L: Swing State Sluggers12
W: Stoney's2013-05-3029
L: Swing State Sluggers6
W: Swing State Sluggers2013-05-2923
L: The Naturals12
W: RAND Slam2013-05-2929
L: Durbin's Dream Team28
W: Durbin's Dream Team2013-05-2818
L: The Blue Collars8
W: Regulators2013-05-2212
L: Durbin's Dream Team11
W: The Blue Collars2013-05-229
L: RAND Slam2
W: Angry Hens2013-05-2223
L: The Naturals8
W: Stoney's2013-05-1517
L: The Naturals5
W: Durbin's Dream Team2013-05-1412
L: Angry Hens11
W: RAND Slam2013-05-138
L: Swing State Sluggers4
Team Team Name Record Ranking
Stoney's8 - 0 - 01
Regulators5 - 2 - 02
The Blue Collars5 - 3 - 03
The Tribe5 - 3 - 03
RAND Slam3 - 4 - 05
The Naturals3 - 4 - 05
Durbin's Dream Team3 - 5 - 07
Angry Hens1 - 6 - 08
Swing State Sluggers1 - 6 - 08
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